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Don't know where to begin?

Most people believe organizing is a trait or talent that one either possess or doesn't. We subscribe to a different philosophy.


Think about walking into a local retail business, a five-start hotel, a place of worship, or simply walking into each room in your home. Can you see that you naturally have a different response to each space? 


Whether you realize it or not, everything around you has an affect on you. You have mental, physical and emotional responses when you walk into different spaces. You can have similar responses by simply thinking about all you need to get done.


Think about all of the clutter in the garage, the stacks of paper on your desk, or the light bulb you haven't changed out yet. You don't even need to be in the room to see the effects that objects have on you. 


Understanding this simple principle is the foundation to understanding the power of organization.


Where We Come In...


Under The Clutter, a professional organizing company, can alter these experiences for you.


Together we will tackle the clutter and organize your space. In as little as two hours, we will maximize the potential of each room and give you the peace of mind you've been looking for!



Take The First Step!

Member: 2005 - 2017

For being a member of NAPO for 5 years or more.

Servicing areas around the United States since 2005!

Note: Individual times and results will vary. All information is held in strict confidence.

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