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What our clients have to say...

"I have been working with Jason Dombrow of Under the Clutter for just over a year. We worked together a few hours per week at first, and when we had gotten through most of my accumulated clutter, we scaled back to a 2 hour session once a week to keep me on my toes and keep things from piling up again. I have always had a tendency to keep too many things, start projects and not finish them, not put things back where they belong, etc. Jason has been able to help me where others could not because he has the ability to understand why i do things the way I do. He has the ability to help me develop systems and habits that actually work with my personality and my natural inclinations. He also appreciates the good qualities I have and doesn't make me feel embarrassed about being disorganized or messy. I think a lot of people don't want to get help with their disorganization because of the shame involved. Jason doesn't bring judgement to the situation. He brings positive energy and solutions. I have tried many books, methods and people over the years and Jason is the one that really made a difference and that I stuck with. My house looks great now and I feel much more in control of my environment, my time and my things. I highly recommend him, especially if you are a creative type of person like me, with lots of ideas and lots of things and you need someone who is willing to work with you as an individual and develop a unique system that works for YOU."


-Jenny Novak, California



"I am really glad I found you. I think you do an amazing job. I wish we had started a few years earlier. My Mom even said to me tonight that I should make sure I don't wait 40 years before I start working on my own place. High praise, I think!"                                                         

- Lara Holtzman, California



"Thank you Jason and I want you to know that have been so very instrumental in my growth by lovingly supporting me in my fight against clutter and procrastination. I realize that you made it possible for me to create space and a blank canvas that gives me freedom to move forward in so many areas of my life without being bogged down by my own junk. Thank you for all your patience, support, love, generosity and sharing your incredible talents as an organizer and a clutter therapist, it has truly made all the difference and created ease and flow in my life and my business." 

- Lisa Deutsch, California



"My experience was excellent. This major undertaking of sorting out years of clutter would not have been possible without the support provided by Under The Clutter. The professionalism was flawless! Very clear thinking and focus to the task coupled with sensitivity for sensitie areas, made the entire journey exciting and the payoff beyond expectations." 

- Clark Hamm, California



"It was really nice. Jason knows about the emotional aspect and also gets down and dirty with the heavy lifting. I was going through a rough time and this was therapeutic and fun. One aspect I like most of all is his positive attitude."

- Beverly Neufeld, California

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