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Before & After Photos

Spare Room

unorganized room

The entire room in all it's glory. You can see clutter on top of all of the cabinets as well as items blocking access to it.

Organized Room

A place for everything!

The paperwork was sorted, filed, thrown out or shredded. Other items were grouped and stored. Some items where given away to charity.


unorganized room

How can you fit a car in a garage that is packed with a lot of storage items? You simply cannot.

unorganized room

However, with a lot of rearranging and some minor clutter elimination, you can! You will be surprised by how much room you actually have.


Unorganized Garage

You can see it's PACKED!

There was nowhere to walk, except a small space to do laundry (in back - not shown).

Organized Garage

After 10 years, they had walking room!

We created an aisle around the entire garage with access to everything.

Bedroom & Closet

Unorganized Garage

When you are expecting a baby, you need a place to put the crib. With a little rearraging and some trash removal, you'll have plenty of room!!

Unorganized Garage

It's very easy to fill a closet and shut the door. But you will always know that the stuff is lurking behind it. Why be afraid of the closet when you can use it more functionally?

Office Closet

Unorganized Office Closet

It can be very easy to store unrelated items in a closet if there is space. Try to refrain, unless it's a designated storage closet.

Organized Office Closet

Like This! An office closet set up for daily use and holding only office related items.

Kitchen Table

Unorganized Kitchen

A kitchen table covered by mail, trash and boxes; along with laundry covering the chairs. Clutter surrounded the enitre table which made it impossible to use the chairs.

Unorganzied Kitchen Table

Ahhh...Dinner anyone?!


Unorganized Bathroom

It can become hard to keep things clean and organized. Dirt builds up and creates a very unhealthy living situation.

Organized Bathroom

Did you see the shiny, clean floor?

Check out the organized countertop.

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